How I Whitened My Teeth at Home with Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant at Home Whitening | It's Megan Blog | #teethwhitening #whiteteeth #smile

I am extremely proud of my smile. I endured years of braces, headgear, and retainers – including those rubber bands that connected my top teeth to my bottom teeth (super uncomfortable). Needless to say, I had to put up with a lot to get my smile to where it is.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Because I am so proud, I like to do what I can to keep my teeth looking their best. That became pretty hard after starting my career when my coffee consumption doubled. I had thought about using whitening strips (I used to use them every six months or so in college), but always had an issue with the strips sticking together or slipping off of my teeth. When I was asked to review Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Trays, I was beyond excited!

Smile Brilliant at Home Whitening | It's Megan Blog | #teethwhitening #whiteteeth #smile

I am a natural skeptic, so I asked my dentist about Smile Brilliant prior to trying it. Here are a few main points about whitening via my dental hygienist:

  • When you use a whitener, you want to use a product that includes the ingredient carbamide peroxide – that’s what the dentists use.
  • Whitening your teeth does not ruin the enamel, like everyone once thought.
  • Your teeth have pores in them, so when you whiten, you’re essentially enlarging the pores, exposing more sensitive areas so the stains can be removed from within. Because of this, people who have naturally more sensitive teeth (like I do) should also use a sensitive toothpaste while whitening.
  • Most teeth whitening solutions are temporary solutions, especially if you keep up your coffee and red wine habits.

So with my dentist’s blessing, I started my journey with Smile Brilliant!


Smile Brilliant at Home Whitening | It's Megan Blog | #teethwhitening #whiteteeth #smile

The process

When you first receive your kit, there are easy-to-follow instructions on how to create your impressions. This was honestly my favorite part (haha). If you’ve had braces, and you’ve done the impressions before then you know how oddly satisfying it is to bite down in the impression mixture (I’m a weirdo).

Once you’ve created your impressions, you mail them in using the prepaid envelope sent in your kit. A few days later they send you your custom-fitted trays! They do such a great job, I swear my trays fit better than my retainer ever did.

Now you’re ready to whiten! First, brush your teeth with water (not with toothpaste), and use the syringe to apply the whitening gel to your trays. If you have sensitive teeth like I do, I cannot stress this enough: put petroleum jelly on your gums! It acts as a barrier between your sensitive gums and the intense whitening gel. Make sure your teeth are dry, then put your trays on your teeth!

Smile Brilliant at Home Whitening | It's Megan Blog | #teethwhitening #whiteteeth #smile

It’s recommended to whiten before bed so you can avoid adding stains from food and drinks after. Since the pores of your teeth are open while whitening, it’s much easier to stain your teeth while whitening. Depending on how much time you have available, you can keep the trays on for anywhere between 45 minutes and 3 hours.

After you remove your whitening trays, it’s time to use the desensitizing gel! Rinse the trays off with water then make sure they are completely dry. Brush your teeth using toothpaste, then reapply the petroleum jelly to your gums and dry your teeth. It’s important to dry the trays and your teeth for the desensitizing gel to work at it’s best. Use the desensitizing syringe to apply the gel to your trays, and wear the trays for about 15 more minutes.

Then, voila! I started seeing a noticeable difference after only a few uses.

3 Reasons to use Smile Brilliant to Whiten Your Teeth Instead of Whitening at the Dentist:

  1. It’s the same product! You have a custom-fitted tray to use with the same carbamide peroxide product that a dentist would use.
  2. You can do it in the comfort of your own home. If you go to the dentist, it could take more than three separate visits, each at 45 min to an hour at least. Since this is an at home teeth whitener, I was whitening while watching TV, walking on the treadmill, checking Instagram…
  3. The cost difference is huge. The cost to have teeth whitening done at the dentist can be over $500. The most expensive Smile Brilliant kit is $169 (Unless you use code itsmegan15 for 15% off your purchase, or you could win a free kit! Enter my giveaway!)


Are you ready for a brighter, whiter smile? Smile Brilliant and I have teamed up to give one lucky winner their own at home whitening kit!

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Tooth Whitening Gel

I Tried 3 Sheet Masks, Each Under $4

Sheet Masks from Ulta | It's Megan Blog | #beauty #beautytips #sheetmasks #facemasks

It was one of those days at Ulta where you go in for one thing and come out with four. I didn’t even get the thing I went in for. But I did grab 3 sheet masks.

Every time the seasons change, my skin freaks out. When I’m outside, it’s oily. After I’m back in the A/C – it’s  dry. So I decided (while staring at the face mask shelf) I need to figure something out. I’ve only ever used 1 mask before and I loved it! It was the Karuna Hydrating + Face Mask (left) from a Fab Fit Fun box, however it costs $8 for one sheet! So I grabbed three different brands, all at $4 or less and decided to give them a shot and share my experience!

This post contains affiliate links with If you purchase through any of the links below, I will make a small referral commission at no additional cost to you. My opinion of the product is unsolicited and all truly my own. I have not received any free products or payment for my opinion, just the referral commission if you purchase through a link!


Mask 1: TonyMoly, I’m Real:
Pearl Sheet Mask Luminating

Find it on here

Rated 4 Stars on
What drew me to this sheet mask was that it contains a pearl ingredient that it says will “make skin look clear and glowing”. I also liked the packaging (I’m a designer, so I always shop-by-package). Finally, the price point was great, in my opinion – reg. price $3.75 and it was on “sale” for $3.12.

Initial Thoughts: The mask feels pretty greasy…

The Verdict: When I took this off, my skin felt really greasy. Also, compared to the Karuna, my face doesn’t feel as hydrated. The mask itself dried up before the recommended time was up, and my cheeks stung a bit (they’re pretty sensitive!). Not gonna try this one again. I’ll stick to pearl jewelry.

Mask 2: Pacifica Energized Glow
Turmeric Spice Facial Mask

Find it on here

Rated 4 Stars on
This mask caught my attention because the packaging is colorful, and it has turmeric! As you can tell, I’m drawn to those more interesting ingredients (pearl, turmeric). The price was $4.

Initial Thoughts: The mask has cute heart eye cutouts, and I like the smell! But maybe I have a big head because the sides don’t cover my entire face, but the forehead is too long, and the mouth cutout is too low… also, rip the eye cutouts so they aren’t near your eyes, because the turmeric kinda burns.

The Verdict: This one didn’t dry up! It even had serum leftover at the end to rub on the areas the mask didn’t cover. And my face feel very hydrated!

Ulta Sheet Masks

Mask 3: Smart Skincare Solutions
Skin Energizing Bubbling Sheet Mask  |  Revitalizing Oxygen

Find it on here

Rated 3 Stars on
I was intrigued by the word “bubbling”. I half expected a pop-rocks situation, and the girl at the checkout had great things to say about it. The price was $3.

Initial Thoughts: Trying to unfold this mask was almost impossible! It was sort of slimy and hard to work with. Once it was on, it was really refreshing though. It’s not greasy feeling, and it’s not burning my eyes, so this is potentially my favorite of the three!

The Verdict: I didn’t get that tingling feeling… But this was the only mask that had additional instructions for the end: splash face with warm water after you remove the mask. Followup with moisturizer. – Really, that sealed the deal for me! The rinse and moisturizer really helps. Unlike the other two masks, my face doesn’t feel oily, or tight. It didn’t burn at all, and my skin feels great! I highly recommend this one.


Just a note about my skin, so you can understand my verdicts a little better: my T-Zone is typically oily, my cheeks are dry and sensitive, and most of my breakouts occur on my forehead and jaw line!


Looking for some cute summer outfits to go with your glowing skin? Check out my Summer Wish List!


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Review of 3 Sheet Masks, Each Under $4 | It's Megan Blog | #beauty #beautytips #skincare #selfcare #facemasks