Vegan Sweet Potato Tacos

Sweet Potato Tacos | It's Megan Lifestyle Blog | #sweetpotato #tacos #vegan #plantbased #weightwatchers

I’m trying to introduce more vegetables into my diet, and these Sweet Potato Tacos are so good I could eat them 3 times a week.

I actually wanted to wait to share them with you, but I couldn’t help myself – so here you go!

I’ve indulged quite a bit this summer, so moving into fall, I’ve made it a goal to introduce more plant-based meals into my diet. I started following more plant-based instagram accounts, and started seeing unique veggie tacos, so I thought – I could make that work! So here we go: Sweet Potato Tacos.

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This recipe is for 2 people (3 of the small corn tortillas per person).

Grab 1 sweet potato per person, wash it off and stab it a bunch of times with a fork. We’re “baking” these in the microwave, so this keeps them from exploding!

Place your potatoes in the microwave, and use the potato button setting (just adjust it to the number of potatoes you’re making).

Sweet Potato Tacos | It's Megan Lifestyle Blog | #sweetpotato #tacos #vegan #plantbased #weightwatchers


Once your potatoes are done, heat a skillet on the stove while you scrape out one potato at a time. I used a little ramekin to mash my potato in (however, I made a mess.. so, you do you).


After you mash up the potato, add in some spices / salt / pepper. I highly, highly recommend this Fire Roasted Chile and Garlic seasoning! It’s perfect on sweet potatoes. While you’re doing this, spray your hot skillet with cooking spray and throw your corn tortillas on.


Sweet Potato Tacos | It's Megan Lifestyle Blog | #sweetpotato #tacos #vegan #plantbased #weightwatchers


After you flip your tortillas, add a little cream cheese (I used Trader Joe’s Vegan Cream Cheese), then top with your smashed sweet potato, and a slice of avocado. I add a little salt to the avocado, and squeeze some lime over them.


Sweet Potato Tacos | It's Megan Lifestyle Blog | #sweetpotato #tacos #vegan #plantbased #weightwatchers


Take ’em off when the bottoms are toasted, and top with cilantro! Enjoy your Sweet Potato Tacos with a marg (or a La’Croix, because we’re being healthy).


Sweet Potato Tacos | It's Megan Lifestyle Blog | #sweetpotato #tacos #vegan #plantbased #weightwatchers


Sweet Potato Tacos | It's Megan Lifestyle Blog | #sweetpotato #tacos #vegan #plantbased #weightwatchers

Vegan Sweet Potato Tacos

These Sweet Potato Tacos are perfect for sneakily eating more plant-based meals. 6 tacos serves 2 people!

Course Main Course
Servings 6 Tacos


  • 2 Sweet Potatoes
  • 2 tbsp Vegan Cream Cheese (or regular)
  • 6 Corn Tortillas
  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 bunch Cilantro
  • 2 tsp Lawry's Chile Garlic Seasoning
  • 2 tsp Sea Salt
  • 1 Lime
  • Cooking Spray


  1. Wash your sweet potatoes, then poke holes in them using a fork.

  2. Place your sweet potatoes in the microwave. Use the microwave potato setting (make sure if you're cooking two to adjust the setting).

  3. While your potatoes are cooking, slice your avocado! I typically cut it in half, then cut each half into thirds. This way each taco gets a slice.

  4. When the microwave is almost finished, get your skillet hot on the stove.

  5. When your sweet potatoes are done, slice each one down the center and let them cool for a minute. Once they're okay to touch, scoop the insides out of one at a time (I usually cook three tacos at once). 

  6. Put the scooped potato into a small bowl (I use a ramekin), and mix in spices. The amounts listed are an estimate – you should spice to your own taste!

  7. Spray skillet with cooking spray and put three tortillas into the hot skillet. Once they are toasted on one side, flip.

  8. Spread a small amount of cream cheese onto each tortilla. I split 1 tablespoon up per 3 tortillas. 

  9. Add your sweet potato mush to each of the tortillas on the skillet.

  10. Add your avocado slices to each tortilla.

  11. Salt the avocado and squirt the tacos with lime!

  12. Take the three tortillas out of the skillet, then repeat for the remaining 3. Once they're all done, garnish with cilantro.


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