PWR by Kelsey Wells: Week 12 Reflections

PWR Week 12 Review | It's Megan Blog | #fitness #pwr #workout #gym #fitspo

I’ve recently finished the PWR workout program, and here are my final thoughts.

(PWR is located in the Sweat App – for more information on what PWR is, read my Week 1 Review!)

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Did you read my Week 6 Review? Remember how absolutely obsessed I was with this program?? Well…

Then I gained 4 pounds.

Of course I “expected” to gain weight because I was building muscle. I loved the shape my body was taking on, and I’d lost a pants size. I was seeing muscles I haven’t seen in years! That should be enough, unless you’re a maniac like I am. When I say I “expected” to gain weight, what I really mean is that I told myself I “expected” to gain weight, until I actually did. Then I was slightly devastated. I can tell myself and tell you that the number on the scale is just a number. The scale’s a b**** and you shouldn’t listen to her. She doesn’t understand how hard you work.


I had worked so hard to lose 30 pounds, and seeing the number go up in the slightest was horrifying. It made me lose focus on my PWR training and I wasn’t nearly as into as I was before.

So, what am I saying?

I still love the program. I love the exercises and the support you feel from the PWR community. I love walking confidently into the weight room, even if I’m the only woman. I love knowing how to set up a machine. I still love it. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs that confidence boost and wants to become that strong independent woman in the gym. *snap *snap.

What’s Next?

For me, it’s apparent that to maintain my mental health and stay on track, I personally need some cardio, and to see the scale go down. So I’ve been incorporating both BBG1 (I’m not a fan of BBG2, personally) and PWR1! I absolutely love that Kelsey’s work outs target different areas of the body that Kayla’s programs don’t focus on as much, like back and tris. I also like that I can do some of Kayla’s programs in my living room – since it’s summer and I cannot be trusted to workout after work.

Both programs have their own positives and negatives, so I’m going to find that balance for myself, at least until the scale is showing a comfortable number. At that point I’ll do PWR1 straight through again… then who knows? PWR2??

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Here are some items I suggest for doing the BBG1 + PWR1 Combo:

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PWR Week 12 Review | It's Megan Blog | #fitness #pwr #workout #gym #fitspo


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