PWR by Kelsey Wells: Week 6 Review

PWR by Kelsey Wells Review

Hi! It’s Megan – and I know my way around the weight room (thanks to Kelsey Wells).


About six weeks ago, I began an exercise program called PWR (available in the Sweat App). You can read more about my journey up to this point in my previous post: “PWR by Kelsey Wells, Week 1 Review”. I first want to say that I am so thankful to Kayla Itsines and her fiancé Tobi for creating the Sweat App and BBG workouts. (If you’re not sure what BBG is, read about it here). They have given me the tools to become a much happier and healthier version of myself. I am now on my 55th week of working out regularly, and I could not be more thankful. Having said that, I am not one for jumping (I used to cheer, tumble, dance and run track – these joints ain’t what they used to be). I am now so grateful to Kelsey Wells for developing this gym-based workout program that has made me comfortable in the weight room.


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What these last 6 weeks have taught me

I really enjoy lifting weights! One thing that I was concerned about moving from cardio-like movements to weight lifting, was if I would still reach my target heart rate. I can fully attest to this not being an issue! According to my Fitbit Blaze, I have even burned more calories per session than I was toward the end of my last round of BBG. This is probably because I was becoming lazy in that last round, but tomato, tomahto.


In the beginning of PWR, I was a little uncomfortable if I was the only woman in the weight section, but now I honestly don’t even notice. My gym is extremely busy after work, so I try (try) to workout in the mornings, but… that doesn’t always happen. That’s a goal for me for the next six weeks.


Finally, one thing that I really enjoy in PWR vs BBG are the muscle groups I’m working out. I am so happy to be doing workouts targeting my back and triceps, because I didn’t feel BBG did enough of that. However, I did enjoy BBG’s ab days a little more. With regards to ab days, Kelsey says:


I train abs just once a week, if that! But what many don’t realize, is that if you are using correct form, you are actually training your core each and every workout!! 👊🏼⚡💪🏼


Kelsey Wells

Okay, I have a serious boss-lady-crush on Kelsey Wells. She is constantly showing that muscles are feminine, and you shouldn’t be afraid to be strong. She is very open about her anxiety and mental health, and how she is able to rise above with diet and exercise. I should also mention she has the most adorable little boy, and she’s not just #bossladygoals but also #momgoals. You can check out her website here, and I’d recommend following her on Instagram! @KelseyWells. She posts a lot of additional workout videos on her Instagram page for days when you don’t have time for a full PWR session, or you’re looking for an additional challenge.


A few more things

Because I had never really worked out with weights in the past, I always thought it was funny that people wore weight lifting gloves. I would think “oh, so strong!” and laugh to myself. I’m a jerk for that. I bought my first pair of weight lifting gloves because I really don’t want rough hands, and I’d highly recommend you get some, too! My hands would burn for hours after the first few weeks of weights without them. I bought these on Amazon for $14.59 (with free shipping), and I really like them! They also come in purple or black.

You should have different shoes for leg day than for all other workouts. The support of leg day shoes will even help you with your form. They should be extra comfy!


Are you doing PWR or BBG (or wanting to)? What are your thoughts? If you have any questions regarding BBG or PWR, email me or leave a comment below!


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PWR by Kelsey Wells Wk 6 Review




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