Workin' On My Fitness

Workin’ On My Fitness

Tips on Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

April 11th, 2019|

Let me set the scene: You're walking home from a stressful day at work. A loud firetruck races by, sirens blaring (your chest tightens). Cars start honking at a group of pedestrians crossing the street (chest tightens). A car doesn't [...]

BBG or PWR? Which Workout is Best for You?

January 3rd, 2019|

With the BBG 12 Week Challenge coming up on January 14, one question I keep getting is: BBG or PWR? Which is better? Well, first let me ask you: What are your goals? In this previous post, I talk about [...]

PWR by Kelsey Wells: Week 12 Reflections

August 14th, 2018|

I've recently finished the PWR workout program, and here are my final thoughts. (PWR is located in the Sweat App - for more information on what PWR is, read my Week 1 Review!) This post contains affiliate links with [...]

Unique Yoga Classes in Chicago this Summer

June 13th, 2018|

With the International Day of Yoga coming up on June 21, I thought I'd compile a list of all of the interesting places to do Yoga in the city of Chicago!   1. Yoga at Millennium Park - free Every [...]

PWR by Kelsey Wells: Week 6 Review

May 30th, 2018|

Hi! It's Megan – and I know my way around the weight room (thanks to Kelsey Wells). About six weeks ago, I began an exercise program called PWR (available in the Sweat App). You can read more about my journey [...]

PWR by Kelsey Wells: Week 1 Review

April 26th, 2018|

Hello! As a follow up to my previous post about BBG – I wanted to write about my experience with PWR by Kelsey Wells! As some of you know, BBG is a 12 week, at-home resistance-based workout. There are three 28min [...]

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