It took me 40 minutes to make this whipped coffee – learn from my mistakes

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What is Whipped Coffee?

Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee) is a sweet coffee originating in South Korea.

Okay, so what happened?

Whipped coffee sounds extremely simple: 2 Tbsp of instant coffee, 2 Tbsp of sugar, and 2 Tbsp of hot water – all whisked up.

“Okay” I thought at 8:50am, “I’ve got about 10 minutes before I want to start working. It sounds so easy, and I’m feeling adventurous – let’s go!”

20 minutes of whisking later…

“My arm is so tired, and this does not look like the picture! Oh, this blogger says you can use a stand mixer, I’ll try that!”

10 minutes of watching later…

“This still looks like mud.” *face palm* “Oh right, the bowl is too deep and the whisk is barely touching the coffee…”

10 minutes of using my hand mixer (which only has one beater, by the way)…


Mistakes #1-3, Trial 1:

I realized only way too late that I did not use hot “hot” water, but warmish “hot” water. I also tried to use a small bowl, and I was using Truvia (which I’m not completely sure if this was an issue, but I’ll try it and update this post after my arms feel better next week).

Mistake #1, Trial 2:

Maybe a stand mixer will work for you if you have a shallow/medium sized bowl. I only have the large bowl that my stand mixer came with, and it was way too deep (How does that even make sense? Shouldn’t the whisk attachment be able to mix all the way to the bottom of a bowl that comes with it?!)

Success, Trial 3:

Third time’s a charm. While at this point, my arm was so tired I almost gave up – I finally got it right! Here are some tips:

  • The final product should look kind of like foamy caramel or toffee
  • Mix in a zig-zag pattern rather than in circles
  • Use a true, medium sized bowl. This will help air get to it and fluff it up, and it will keep the mixture closer together than a large bowl, allowing it to fluff (the large bowl made it too difficult)
  • Use HOT water

How to Serve Up a Glass of Your Blood, Sweat and Tears Whipped Coffee:

Fill a glass with ice, then top with your favorite milk (I used Vanilla Oat Milk). Some people like to add a splash of creamer, as well. Leave a few inches at the top of the glass. Spoon your whipped coffee mixture on top of the milk. Voila! Easy, peasy, this part is not time consuming at all!

Just remember, all of those TikTok videos are people who have tried, and tried again 🙂


2 Tbsp Instant Coffee Crystals

2 Tbsp HOT Water

2 Tbsp Sugar

In a medium bowl, whip the ingredients together using a hand mixer. This could take around 10 minutes or more. Don’t give up! Once the mixture is the color of caramel, and thick enough to form peaks – you’re done.

Fill a glass with ice and your choice of milk (add a dash of creamer if you’d like), then top your glass off with the coffee mixture.

Have you tried to make whipped coffee? Please tell me all of your horror (and success stories!) Do you have any tips that I should add to the post? Leave a comment below! Ready to check out some other recipes? Click here.

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It took me 40 minutes to make Whipped Coffee. Here's what I did wrong.

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