5 Must-See Christmas Trees in Downtown Chicago

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Each year, my Christmas Spirit tends to rely heavily on the presence of snow.

These past few years, Chicago has been snowless for most of December (my husband even golfed the day after Christmas a few years ago). I don’t get fully in the Christmas mindset in December, then it blizzards in January and I’m like “alright – let’s do Christmas!”. I’m really working on changing this, because it doesn’t look like it will be snowing again this year.

One thing I am doing to help me feel Christmasy is watching all the Christmas Movies.

There are so many movies on Netflix, Hallmark, Freeform, etc. I’ve also become an AMC Stubs A-List Member! If you don’t know: AMC Stubs A-List Members can see up to THREE movies a WEEK, for the monthly price of $19.99.

Other perks of being an AMC A-List Member include:

  • A fast-lane for A-Listers-only at the concessions
  • A free upgrade from regular-sized popcorn and pop, to a large (no additional charge!)
  • You accumulate points for every purchase and movie you see, and at 5,000 points you earn a $5 reward
  • If you need to purchase additional tickets, the online purchasing fees get waived

I am obsessed with my AMC A-List Membership. I love seeing movies as date night, girls’ night or by myself. Here in Chicago, one movie can cost $15.99, but this membership is only $19.99/month! If you see multiple movies, it definitely pays for itself.

So it goes without saying that I’ve seen the new Grinch movie multiple times, and I’ll probably go again this week…

I’m also stacking up the holiday parties!

How can you immediately feel merrier? Be around other merry people. This year I’ve hosted a cookie exchange, attended multiple client holiday parties, and hosting my office holiday party.

Finally, I’ve been hunting for the most-perfect Christmas tree in Chicago.

I love the tree my husband and I picked out for our house. However, there are some trees out there that probably cost more than my monthly budget! I’ve collected 5 trees that you must see if you’re in Chicago this holiday season!

1. Millennium Park

This one is a bit obvious, because it’s “Chicago’s Christmas Tree”. But if you don’t know, now you know. It’s covered in so many lights, I am not envious of the person who has to take those off. These past few years, the colors have been cooler purple and blues – but this year it seems that they’ve mixed it up! The tree is close to The Bean, so stop over to see it on your way to ice skate. It’s so tall, even if you’re not at Millennium Park, you can see it down Michigan Avenue from blocks away.

2. Palmer House

If you haven’t been into the Palmer House at Christmas – it’s a must! First of all, there’s a bar. So go grab a warm cocktail and snuggle on one of their comfy chairs. Second, they have a beautiful tree, with other gorgeous Christmas accents throughout the lobby. You can look up towards the second floor, and see more trees and lights through their large arches. If you exit through the Monroe doors, you’ll also get to see their little fireplace setup, which is cozy.

5 Must-See Christmas Trees in Downtown Chicago | It's Megan | #travel #christmas #chicago #christmastrees
5 Must-See Christmas Trees in Downtown Chicago | It's Megan | #travel #christmas #chicago #christmastrees

3. Macy’s

For 111 years, the Macy’s Christmas Tree has been a staple to the Chicago Christmas Scene. Each year there is a theme – and this year the theme is Chicago! They have a small Chicago skyline near the base of the tree, and some of their 2,000 ornaments include Chicago Landmarks, like the Marshall Fields Clock. Something I find especially interesting about this tree is that they suspend it from the ceiling! This year is a bit different from past years as Macy’s has sold the top couple of floors of their building, so you can no longer view the tree from above. (Huge bummer). You can only see the tree from the Walnut Room. HACK: If you want to go and have a cocktail or food by the tree, the line will probably be three hours long. That’s not even an exaggeration. But good news! They have a wine bar that you might be able to walk right up to and sit. It’s more of a communal table versus a private table. But if you’re just trying to get in, eat, get out – it’s definitely a great idea!

5 Must-See Christmas Trees in Downtown Chicago

4. Wrigley Building

Speaking of trees suspended from the top, just outside the Wrigley Building is one of my favorite Christmas trees! They always go with the classic warm, white lights, using a big red bow as a topper. It’s also right on Michigan Avenue, so you can stop and take a photo while you’re finishing your shopping!

5 Must-See Christmas Trees in Downtown Chicago | It's Megan | #travel #christmas #chicago #christmastrees

5. Apple

Just across the street from the Wrigley Building is a large tree just outside of the Apple Store. In contrast to the Wrigley Building tree, this tree has cool, bright white lights. It makes for a much more modern look! No topper, just tons and tons of lights. You can also view this tree from the State Street bridge. It shines so bright, you can’t miss it when crossing the river!

5 Must-See Christmas Trees in Downtown Chicago | It's Megan | #travel #christmas #chicago #christmastrees

Bonus: Christmas Around the World

If you’ve got some time on your hands, head over to the Museum of Science and Industry. Every year, they decorate 50+ trees to reflect different countries around the world, and their unique Christmas Traditions. In addition to those 50+ trees, they have one “Grand Tree” in the middle. It’s 4 stories tall! Last year, they had a snow machine blowing snow at the tree. This year, they moved the snow machine to blow above the main floor. It’s a beautiful learning experience, and I’ve noticed that not all of the trees are the same every year. NOTE: This place gets busy! Also, you will have to buy an admission ticket to enter the museum. This is the only tree that isn’t free on the list!

5 Must-See Christmas Trees in Downtown Chicago | It's Megan | #travel #christmas #chicago #christmastrees
5 Must-See Christmas Trees in Downtown Chicago | It's Megan | #travel #christmas #chicago #christmastrees

This is the Paris Tree! Read my list of what you should know before traveling to Paris here:

5 Must-See Christmas Trees in Downtown Chicago | It's Megan | #travel #christmas #chicago #christmastrees

Here is the Belize Tree! I’ve posted about my trip to Belize here:

5 Must-See Christmas Trees in Downtown Chicago | It's Megan | #travel #christmas #chicago #christmastrees

They also have an Iceland Tree. This cute little town at the bottom is so accurate – check out my list of things to do during your stopover in Iceland here:

5 Must-See Christmas Trees in Downtown Chicago | It's Megan | #travel #christmas #chicago #christmastrees

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