7 Easy DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes on Amazon

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We’ve all had to pull out the cat ears because we didn’t have time for a real costume. But you know what? We’re better than that! There are still a few days, so I’m going to help you find easy DIY last minute Halloween Costumes on Amazon!

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1. Alien

Amazon is full of cute shiny, iridescent and star-pattered clothes and accessories!

Here are my favorites for the outfit:


and the accessories:


2. Unicorn

You can pretty much take any of these pieces, and wear this headband and be a unicorn, too!


3. An Aristocrat

Pair a comfy, long sleeve maxi with some giant jewels and a faux fur wrap, and you’re good to go! I was really surprised at the inexpensive tiara selection on Amazon!


4. Britney Spears: Oops I Did It Again

This is super easy, and perfect for cold weather! Wear a bodysuit, black tennis shoes and a sleek pony – done! And, if you’re a smooth talker you might be able to convince your significant other to go as an astronaut and be the cutest couple costume at the party!


5. Wonder Woman

She’s definitely my favorite super hero, and Amazon has a ton of inexpensive Wonder Woman Costume inspo! Here are some of my favorites:


6. Hocus Pocus Madonna Costume

Easy DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes on Amazon | It's Megan | #diy #halloween #halloweencostumes #amazonprime

Depending on how much time I have to DIY this year, this might be my costume! Seems pretty easy? Just wrap some red yarn around the cone bra to get that spiral design!


7. Holly Golightly

Not the traditional black dress!

I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s! But, the black dress has been a little overdone. It’s super easy and cute and I’ll probably dress like her again at some point, but here’s a different take on Holly Golightly! (and it’s super cozy).


Looking for some fun Halloween activities? Here is my list of things to do in Chicago this Halloween!


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